Yellow Gold Fill and Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Engagement Ring

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A girl’s best friend is not a diamond ring, but rather a crystal that shines with otherworldly light and is enhanced by the knowledge it is an ethically sourced stone.  Herkimer diamonds are world-renowned for their sparkling attributes and can only be found in a single region in the world.  By hand selecting these rough quartz crystals and transforming them into an alternative "diamond" engagement ring, I can offer you both an extraordinary and ethical piece of jewelry that will become a crucial part in your happily ever after.  

The purchase of this listing is for one raw crystal ring with the following specifications and options: 
Type:  Herkimer Diamond Engagement Ring 
Sizes:  3 – 12 US  
Crystal:  ~7.5 x 5 mm 
Cut:  Uncut, polished rough quartz  
Coloring:  Clear 
Setting:  14K filled yellow gold band with hand made claw setting 
Finish:  Hammered or smooth round 

Herkimer diamonds are a type of natural quartz that are only found in the Herkimer region of New York. Prized as an ethical and affordable alternative to traditional diamonds, these gemstones have the rare property of a doubly terminated crystal.  This unique configuration means they have little contact with the host rock and the result is a highly prized gemstone that is beloved for its rarity, its shine, and its shape.  Your Herkimer diamond ring will be handmade to your specifications. Due to the natural components of these gold rings, there will be variations between your piece of quartz jewelry and those pictured above as examples.  Your new Herkimer diamond ring will be delicately placed in a paper Kraft box with foam insert, making it ready to gift the moment is arrives at your doorstep.