Simple Ethiopian Welo Opal and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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Simple yet stunning, this lovely, delicate pendant features a natural Ethiopian opal briolette, wire wrapped in sterling silver. The transparent stone glows in natural light, and reflects light smoothly over its polished surface. This lightweight, beautiful yet simple pendant necklace would be gorgeous on a bride on her wedding day!

Stone: Natural, untreated Ethiopian opal
Cut: Teardrop shaped polished briolette
Color: Ethiopian opal is translucent, with subtle internal flashes of blue, green, yellow and red
Measurements: The stones measures approximately 8x6mm
Metal: Wire, chain, and handmade clasp made from sterling silver

Precious opal has been called a gemstone which combines the best possible characteristics of the most beautiful of gemstones: the fine sparkle of almandine (diamond), the shining purple of amethyst, the golden yellow of topaz, and the deep blue of sapphire, so that all colors shine and sparkle together in a beautiful combination. According to an old Australian Aboriginal legend, the Creator came down from the heavens on a rainbow and delivered a message of peace for all mankind. Stones that were near the place where His feet touched the ground suddenly came to life and began to sparkle. This was believed to be the birth of opal. Opal is the traditional birthstone for October.

Your new necklace will arrive packaged in a sturdy paper kraft box with a soft foam insert, to protect and cushion the jewelry. Perfect for gifting!