Rough White Diamond and Filled Gold Engagement Ring

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Stone: Natural, untreated diamond
Cut: Rough crystal
Color: Opaque white
Measurements: Diamonds are approximately 6mm
Metal: Handmade claw setting and band made from your choice of yellow gold fill or rose gold fill.
Finish: Hammered and brushed for a shiny finish
Size: Made to order in any size

The name 'diamond' was taken from the Greek word, 'adamas', meaning 'invincible', a sheer testament to its remarkable and superior hardness. Historically, diamonds have been claimed to possess many supernatural and metaphysical qualities. It is believed that diamonds can protect against panic, pestilence and enchantments. Diamonds can amplify thoughts, which means if they are given with love, they can return mutual feelings. Diamonds are the stone of truth and victory. They were worn by many with the belief that they help the wearer to conquer their enemies and win their battles. Diamond is the official modern birthstone for April and it is also used as an official 60 year anniversary gemstone. The popular term 'diamonds are forever' is based on the belief in diamond's ability to strengthen relationships between couples.

This gorgeous ring is made to order, and will be made just for you! Please note, the diamond you receive may not be the exact stone in the photos - but it will be similar, and it will be gorgeous!

Your new treasure will come ready for gifting, lovingly packed in an attractive kraft box with a soft foam insert, to protect and cushion the ring.