Genuine Ruby and Sterling Silver Flower Ring

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Three layers of painstakingly-placed and soldered sterling silver loops surround a natural ruby in a hand-made 935 silver bezel setting to make this delicate-looking flower ring. The loops have been hammered flat, giving the ring a low profile despite its multiple layers. The flower is 1.6 centimeters in diameter, and sits atop a sterling silver band that has been hammered square and left with a hammered texture. The whole ring has been given a brushed finish, which compliments the smoothly polished surface of the natural ruby cabachon set at the center of the flower.

Stone: Natural, untreated ruby
Cut: Round cabochon
Color: Pinkish-red
Measurements: Stone measures 4mm, flower 1.6cm in diameter, ring band is US size 6.5
Setting: Bezel setting, hand made from 935 silver
Band: 2mm sterling silver, hammered square
Metal Finish: Hammered and brushed for a shiny, silky finish

By nature, ruby is an extremely durable and hard-wearing stone. A 9 on Moh's hardness scale, the only materials hard enough to scratch it are other rubies or sapphires, and diamond. The durability of this stone, as well as its extreme beauty, make this ring a fantastic option for an alternative engagement ring!

Your new ring will arrive ready for gifting, packaged in a sturdy paper kraft box with a soft foam insert to protect and cushion the jewelry.

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