Sterling Silver Crescent and Moonstone Pendant, Moon Phase Necklace, Lunar Jewelry, Moon and Star Pendant, Silver Crescent, Moon Necklace

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Sterling Silver Crescent and Moonstone Pendant, Moon Phase Necklace, Lunar Jewelry, Moon and Star Pendant, Silver Crescent, Moon Necklace

This lovely hand made pendant takes the shape of a crescent moon, accented with a softly glowing moonstone. Formed from sterling silver, the approximately 4cm long crescent has been hammered and brushed, leaving it with a subtle shine.

Measurements: Crescent measures approximately 3 to 3.5cm
Stone: Round 6mm natural moonstone cabochon
Setting: Bezel setting hand made from 935 silver
Metal: Bale hand made from 935 silver, chain and handmade clasp made from sterling silver
Length: 17.5 inches as photographed, but can be made any length between 16 and 19 inches
Metal Finish: Brushed for a shiny finish

Moonstone is known to exhibit a distinct sheen under certain lighting conditions, and it is the sheen which renders moonstone one of the most remarkable gemstones available today. In fact, its name is owed to the almost magical, bluish white shimmer it exhibits, which closely resembles that of the moon. Gemologists refer to the shimmering phenomena as 'adularescence'. As light enters the stone, it is refracted and scattered, producing an extremely unique and attractive play of both color and light. With moonstone, the aura of light actually appears to glow from deep within the surface of the stone.

Few gemstones have accumulated as much lore and legend as that of moonstone. Moonstone has been revered for thousands of years by cultures from every part of the world. According to Hindu legend, moonstone was formed from moonbeams; at one time it was believed that if you held one in your mouth during a full moon, you could see your future. In India, moonstone is regarded as a sacred stone and it is widely believed to bring good fortune for those who wear it. In Arab countries, women were known to sew moonstone into their undergarments, because they were thought of as a symbol of fertility. In ancient Rome, moonstone was associated with the moon. It was speculated that the gem was formed from drops of moonlight. The gemstones were believed to possess the properties traditionally associated with the moon, including legends of romance, femininity, intuition, dreams, emotion and love. Moonstone is also highly prized among lovers, as it's thought to arouse tender thoughts and passion. Those who possess moonstone are thought to be able to foretell their future life together as a couple. Moonstone is the official birthstone for June and is associated with the zodiacal sign of Pisces.

This gorgeous pendant necklace is made to order, and will be made just for you!

I make each silver pendant by hand from 92.5% pure (sterling) silver, custom-tailoring the chain length according to each customer's wish. Each of my bezel settings are hand made from 93.5% pure silver, ensuring a perfect fit for every stone. The hand-crafted nature of my work process makes each piece of my jewelry truly one-of-a-kind!

All of my orders are packaged in sturdy paper kraft boxes with soft foam inserts to protect and cushion the jewelry. If you would like your order gift-wrapped in pretty purple wrapping paper, please let me know when you place your order.

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