Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Slice Gift Set

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Striking yet delicate, this beautiful little set is simply perfect! The rough slices of watermelon tourmaline crystal in this simple, gorgeous ring and stud earring set have strong color zoning, changing from a striking green around the outer crystal edge to a lovely pink in the center. The stones are held in unique hand made prong settings, which let in light around the stones, so as to emphasize their stunning coloring. I will personally select your crystals according to the stone size category you choose from the drop-down menu. Each crystal slice is unique, 100% natural, and totally gorgeous!

Stone: Watermelon tourmaline (also known as bicolor tourmaline)
Cut: Uncut, polished rough watermelon tourmaline crystal
Color: Green edge, pink at the center
Measurements: The stone in your ring will be 7mm. Your earrings will be made with 6mm crystals.
Setting: Unique hand made prong setting, hand made from 925 silver
Ring Band: 1.5mm sterling silver, made to order in any size
Earring Posts: Hand made from solid sterling silver
Metal Finish: Brushed for a shiny, silky finish

The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) word tura mali, which translates as "the stone of mixed colors." Ancient legend says that tourmaline is found in all colors because it traveled along a rainbow and gathered all the the rainbow's colors. Tourmalines are credited with the power to enhance understanding, increase self-confidence and amplify psychic energies, and aid in concentration and communication. They are said to neutralize negative energies, and dispell fear and grief.

This gorgeous ring and earring set is made to order, and will be made just for you!

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