Natural Ruby and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

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The beautiful yet simple design of this minimalist-style earrings make them ideal for everyday wear. Give them as a gift, or as a treat to yourself!

Stone: Natural ruby
Cut: Tubby briolette beads
Color: Deep red, oiled to enhance color
Measurements: The rubies measure approximately 7x7mm
Metal: Wire and hand formed ear wires made from sterling silver
Length: Earrings hang approximately 2.5cm under earlobes

Among the multitude of legends and strange beliefs of ancient times, it was thought that the wearer of a ruby was blessed with health, wealth, wisdom and outstanding success in affairs of the heart. Furthermore, the wearer acquired the ability to live in peace with his enemies. In some places ruby was even thought to confer invulnerability. Today, some rubies are even more valuable and rare than top-quality colorless diamonds. Ruby is considered one of the four precious stones, together with sapphire, emerald and diamond.

Your lovely new earrings will arrive packaged in a sturdy paper kraft box with a soft foam insert, to protect and cushion the jewelry - perfect for gifting!